Attending CBT has given me skills for life in managing my thought patterns. My therapist has helped me tremendously by giving me the time to explore my problems and providing feedback and homework that has been really useful and beneficial. I would highly recommend CBT. My experience of it has been a positive one.


CBT really has changed my life for the positive.  I am an intelligent woman who has struggled with depression all my adult life.  CBT has given me the tools to recognise the triggers that cause my depression.  It has taught me how to challenge negative thoughts and how to put my life back on track.  I think I will always be susceptible to depression but I am confident that I can now recognise the symptoms and deal with it at an early stage instead of covering it up and pretending that everything is fine.   Thanks to CBT I have a blueprint to use to guide me through the healing process.

Having suffered with Depression and Anxiety for many years and being treated with traditional medication that did nothing more then alleviate the symptoms not the cause, I decided to  try  CBT. It was very quickly established by the therapist that the major contributor to my depression was in fact Social Anxiety; It was only when we discussed this in our sessions that I realised just what an effect on my day to day living this anxiety was having.  It turns out I had modified my behaviour to get round the feelings, restricted my social life, career and hobbies and was basically isolating my self from the world.

CBT has really challenged some long held beliefs I have had and has made me reconsider what I thought I knew to be true.  I have known about CBT and heard how good it is supposed to be but was really scared about trying it as I knew it would make me do things that I did not want to do and had avoided for a long time.  I knew also that the therapy would make me face these and I did not want to, but I wanted to change. My desire to change and embrace my life gave me the confidence to work with the therapist, and open myself up , and together we confronted these long held fears and I am well on the way to becoming the person I know I am.  It is a difficult process but I trusted my therapist, I knew they want me to succeed and I have made fantastic progress in the time we have worked together.

 I now can make small talk with new people, make and maintain friendships, I can look people in the eye, I can be a host and have people in my home, I can meet friends for coffee and I am finding it easier to eat in front of people.  I have even got myself a hobbie – all of which before my CBT sessions I would have found extremely difficult and stressful if not impossible!

 I am becoming my own therapist and am utilising the skills  learnt through CBT in my day to day life to enjoy the present and embrace the future.